NEW Samsung Upcoming Smartphones' 2020 latest phone

NEW Samsung Upcoming Smartphones' 2020

Samson suddenly confirms vertical new Galaxy smartphones for 2020. Samsung has confirmed work on the Galaxy Note 20 and galaxy for two. Which is going to release in the second half of this year? We have repeatedly reported that the South Korean technology giant. Samsung is going to release new smartphones of the Galaxy Note 20. And galaxy folds to series this year. But frankly all this information was based on rumors and leads.

Samsung itself albeit in passing has nevertheless confirmed work on new devices in the financial report published by the company for the first quarter of this year. There is a hint that the release of Galaxy Note 20. Galaxy fold 2 is scheduled for the second half of this year. And M the uncertainly associated with the long pandemic increased competition in the market. Samsung expected manufacturers will seek to recover from the consequences.

The first half of this year will bring them. Samsung is going to continue producing differentiated products of the premium segment. It will present a new folding device and the new Galaxy Note model said in the company's report from a niche device. Galaxy fold 2 is expected to have a folding screen with a diagonal of up to 7 point 7 inches version with flash drives for 256. and 512 gigabytes a triple module of the main camera for 12 megapixels 16 megapixels and 64 megapixels as well as support for the S Pen Stylus obviously.
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 The new product will also have support for the fifth generation 5g wireless networks for this smartphone. The galaxy no 20 series is prophesied by the new Exynos 9 line 2 processor 812 gigabytes of RAM. Three versions galaxy note 20 plus and galaxy note 20 ultra-according to expectations both new items may be presented in August this year. That’s it for now for more updates please subscribe to our channel size and knowledge until the next video they kill yourself very well this out.
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